I love me some YouTube. There is a video for just about any interest. You can even find full episodes of certain shows, G.I. Joe cartoons from the 80's are a great nostalgia time waster. But I also like to find videos of the weird on YouTube. For instance, this two and a half minute video of someone crushing a hockey puck with a hydraulic press. It's simple, it's weird but it's oh so fascinating to watch.

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Just watch the video above and tell you're not grinning. If you've ever held a hockey puck, you know how dense those "plastic" circles are. I don't exactly know what pucks are made of but they are heavy and very sturdy. To see it placed under the press and look like a balloon being squeezed then popped is just awesome to see.

What's even weirder is this is a whole channel that is nothing but these people crushing stuff with a press. They crush stuff like chocolate bars, candles, a Stretch Armstrong, sponges and a whole lot more. You could get lost for hours on their channel.

Check it out at the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube. I mean, they have 2.68 million subscribers as of this writing so I'm not the only one that is overly fascinated with their hydraulic crushings. Check it out and thank me later.

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