Warning: The video included in this post contains NSFW language. 

A Saturday night at the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas got pretty crazy, because of social distancing.

According to a report from KARK-TV, witnesses say they were in shock when they saw the fight erupt this past weekend. The police report that KARK obtained says that the patrons involved in the fight were asked to move away from others when they got too close, and violated social distancing guidelines. The police report says at that point, the people who were asked to move started purposely coughing on other customers.

After the coughing incident, one of the men from the group who was asked to move approached another table, and started instigating an altercation. You can see the individual in question, who comes up wearing a "U-S-A" baseball jersey, starting the altercation in this video:

At the :28 second mark in the Twitter video, you can see the man approach and start yelling at the woman in the mask. He then proceeds to shove the man in the white shirt, and according to the KARK-TV report, that's what pushed the situation over the edge.

From there, you can see the man in white swing a bottle at the instigator, while multiple others rush in to either try and fight, or try to separate those fighting. At the peak of the fight, there were at least half a dozen people involved.

KARK-TV says that the county prosecutors have indicated to them that no one in the video currently faces any charges.

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