With Covid-19 running rampant around East Texas once again, I noticed that discussion in a local facebook group turned to where you can IV infusions to improve immunity.

In August, I came down with it and battled the infection at home for three weeks, before finally deciding that my health wasn’t improving and that it was time to seek treatment. I visited a local emergency room and they ran a complete work up on me to confirm that I wasn’t developing covid pneumonia, which was my fear.

Thankfully, all of my blood work and scans came back normal. I did have Covid-19, but I was on the mend and with the help of an IV drip at the end of my visit, I began to bounce back fast.

The nurse that connected me to the IV explained that I was getting a “banana bag.” This is a slang term for a combination of thiamine, folate, magnesium sulfate and multivitamins in a saline solution, that is a bright yellow color.

I was pretty amazed at how great I felt the next day, and now I’m seeing more and more people choosing to seek IV cocktail infusions to help themselves bounce back from various things. Some use them for hangovers and others to quickly begin feeling better after recovering with Covid-19.

So now you’re wondering like I did, ‘where can I get one of these treatments?’ Well you’ve got lots of options in Tyler. From a recent request for information in Tyler’s Rants, Raves and Recommendations facebook group, I found seven that received a nod from members in the group.

Rapid Recovery

Located on South Broadway, Rapid Recovery offers a variety of Infusion cocktails that combat various needs. They offer immune boosters, athletic recovery, hangover recovery and more. Pricing is listed for each treatment on their site.

Holistic Beauty Med Spa

Part of the Coco Bean, Holistic Beauty Med Spa offers all kinds of treatments. From facials, waxing and massage to injections and sculpting as well as IV treatments. They list their infusion cocktails starting at $125 on their site.

Lux Med Spa

Located on Old Bullard Rd, Luxe offers a wide array of options for wellness and beauty including IV therapy. Their services start at $75 for the Luxe Basic, comprised mostly of vitamin c, and go up to the Luxe Deluxe which is a combination of all of their options.

The Infusionist

The Infusionist makes house calls. You can book a treatment on their website and they provide your infusion in your home. They offer various options including hydration, which starts at $119. They also have options for cold and flu recovery, complexion enhancers and weight loss.

BodyGoal M.D.

I was unable to find much about the IV services offered on their website, but they are listed as an option. For more information on their pricing and offerings, I would call their office.

Lone Star IV Medics

Another service that comes to you is Lone Star IV Medics. Their IV cocktails begin with the “Meyers” cocktail, which many providers also offer, priced at $175. They also have a cocktail called, “the Rodeo.” They claim it’s one for the ‘cowboy’ who has had too much fun.

Brown Integrative Wellness

Brown Integrative Wellness is a father and son team located in Oak Alley. They treat a lot of different conditions, and offer one IV infusion option, the “Myers” cocktail.

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