The first ever gaming lounge has opened the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It's called Gameway and sits in terminals B and E according to

Each station features an XBox One with the latest games downloaded and ready to play, a charging station for your phone and a leather chair to play in. It's fairly cheap to enjoy, too - 42 cents a minute or unlimited play for only $20.

There are 36 stations total in each area. Don't worry about being distracted by someone else's gaming time, each station uses noise cancelling headphones.

Jordan Walbridge is the president and founder of Gameway and told WFAA that DFW is the first airport to launch his product. He contacted ten airports with his product idea with DFW the first to accept.

So instead of meaninglessly scrolling on your phone during that rain delay, sit back, relax and enjoy some Fortnite before taking to the skies.

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