Having worked in the service industry, I have been on the yelled-at end of customers enraged because there were too many sesame seeds on their bun. That actually happened when I was working my first job at Burger King in high school. To be honest, that person got no respect from me and, to their face, I told them their complaint was ridiculous and to eat their burger because we were not going to make them another one and pick off the sesame seeds.

I've witnessed other customers throwing a hissy fit to fast food workers, gas station clerks, servers and others in the service industry that were completely unwarranted. None of us are perfect, including the hissy fit thrower.

For the most part, folks in East Texas are polite. And the instances above are not everyday occurrences. In my time in the industry, I saw one every couple of months. But, if you're rude, we think you should you pay more, just like this guy.

Cups Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Virginia put out a sign that shows how you'll be charged for how you order. For instance, if you walk up and just give your order, it's $5. If you say "please", it's $3. If you offer a "hello" and "please" with your order, it's $1.75.

The sign went viral and got many positive reviews. However, the coffee shop said this was just a joke but customers have responded to the sign and been more polite when ordering according to ktla.com.

Joke or not, something led to them posting the sign. As the coffee shop owner told boredpanda.com, he wanted, "...to start charging more for people who didn’t take the time to say hello and connect and realize we’re all people behind the counter.”

You either love this or hate it, I get it, but if you saw something like this outside a shop in East Texas, how you feel about it?

This is not the first instance and here's to hoping this trend catches on. I would love to live in a city where you're rewarded for being polite and punished for being rude. Wouldn't you?

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