To wear a mask in public or not to continues to be a hot topic of debate on social media. There's the argument that wearing one helps protect those around you (according to the CDC), whereas other people feel they shouldn't be required to wear one and that it should be a personal choice. Whichever way you fall on this one, it's important to remember that private businesses reserve the right to not allow customers in that refuse to adhere by company policy - that includes wearing a mask in stores.

A Costco shopper in Colorado found out the hard way in a video circulating on social media. The shopper seems to have originally recorded the video to show the employee kicking him out of the store. I'm guessing he thought people would be on his side by how upset he was. However, if you read the comments, it's quite the opposite. More on that in a second, check out the video for yourself first.

The video begins with the employee telling the camera that he's asking customer to wear a mask because it's the company policy.

The customer then responds that he's "not doing it because he woke up in a free country".

The Costco employee can then be seen grabbing the customer's cart and walking away with it.

The customer then says that he's not wearing the mask and calls that do "sheep".

Back to those Facebook comments. Most of the comments I've read have been in favor of the Costco employee.

"Follow rules or don’t go inside, seem pretty simple to Me! Just like he has rights Costco has the right to refuse his business!"


"Agree or not, they are a private company. You want to shop there, wear the mask. No different than a store posting a 30.06 or 30.07 sign banning legal firearm holders where we can choose to shop there or not."

A Twitter user who identified himself as the Costco employee in the video said, "People of Twitter, thank you for all of the support. I was just trying to protect our employees and our members."

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