We all know that Texas is a gigantic state, with lots of things to do. But let’s be honest, it feels like it costs $20 just to walk outside of your house anymore. By the time you get your family in the car with some snacks any sort of fun adventure can cost some serious cash. Which is why I wanted to focus on some really fun things to do around the great state of Texas that won’t cost you a lot of money.  


Obviously, gas is going to cost you some money to get to any of these locations but at least when you get there you won’t be paying an admission fee. Although it would be a good idea just to double check that there are no parking fees or anything else, so you’re prepared for any sort of additional costs.  

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There is Fun for Everyone on This List 

Whether you have family members that love history, love art, or just want to take awesome photos and videos for social media, there is something for everyone on the list below. And there are things all over the state of Texas so you can be as adventurous as you want to with any trip you make to any of the locations listed below.  

Let’s Look at the Free and Fun Activities 

Taking the family on a trip is always exciting, so let’s take a look at some exciting things to see around the great state of Texas that don’t cost you any money to enjoy. 

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