While most people are getting ready for hot weather and barbecues this summer, there are some people that have more to worry about than that. Including the 10 people that missed court last week in Bullard, Texas. Each week the Bullard Police Department writes a list of names for anyone who misses their court date and this past week there were 10 names that were posted online, which you will also see below. 

There are some people that don’t agree with names being posted online but it’s really not about publicly shaming anyone, it’s about letting people know that they need to contact the courts immediately so penalties and fines don’t continue to increase. If the thought of having their name posted online helps make sure people don’t miss their court date that is just a bonus.  

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It’s Sad to See the Same Names Pop Up 

Over the years after talking to police officers they often tell you that they seem to make contact with the same people over and over and looking at the names on this list you can start to tell that is the truth. I’m starting to see some of the same names pop up week after week, hopefully the individual can get these charges cleared up and move on with a productive life.  

Let’s Look at the Names of Who Missed Court in Bullard, Texas 

If you miss your court date it’s called a failure to appear (FTA) and here is the list of people who failed to appear in Bullard, Texas court on Wednesday, May 4th. 

Bullard Police Department FTA List - May 4th, 2022

Here is a list of people who missed court in Bullard, Texas on May 4th, 2022

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