With Spring less than a month away, some East Texans started their spring cleaning a bit early and, well, have decided to part ways with a few things! Instead of throwing these things out or leaving them curbside for trash collection, they've decided to list them on Craigslist East Texas! They hope someone will come along and collect their used things! Some of the things listed will leave you scratching your head saying, "Why?" and others will make you want to go and rescue them!

To see all the things that are free in East Texas, just click on Craigslist and now, here are a few things I found listed as free today!

  • Craigslist East Texas

    Black Mouth Curr/Hound dog mix

    They say this guy is sweet and healthy and is good with other dogs and kids too.

  • Craigslist East Texas

    Acrosonic Piano

    Without knowing its condition, this is something that looks like it could be useful if fixed up!

  • Craigslist East Texas


    After reading the description, this will leave you wanting to run the other way!

  • Craigslist East Texas

    Gator boat

    If you claim the gator boat, you'll need a trailer to put it on! Although it shows it on a trailer (with no wheels), the trailer's not part of the deal!

  • Craigslist East Texas


    This thing looks like it just needs to be recycled! But I'm sure someone could use it

  • Craigslist East Texas

    Mobile home

    I'm thinking this may be a fixer' upper kind of deal! It's a three bedroom one bath home that will need to be moved to your place (if it survives the relocation!)