Update:  The suspension has been lifted on the student per Washington Post.

A Dallas, Georgia high school student has faced disciplinary action after sharing a photo of a crowded hallway with fellow students without wearing a mask.

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North Paulding High School sophomore Hannah Watters, has been suspended for 5 days for violating the school district's student code of conduct, which prohibits using social media during the day per East Texas Matters.

Hannah shared the photo because she was concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

I took the photo initially after seeing the first day of school photo taken by someone else go online as well and got picked up by some media coverage.  I took it out of mostly concern and nervousness after seeing the first days of school.

Brian Otott, Paulding County School's Superintendent sent a letter to parents saying the photo was taken didn't look good and argued that lacked context of the school.

Class changes at the high school level are a challenge when maintaining a specific schedule. It is an area we are continuing to work on in this new environment to find practicable ways to further limit students from congregating.

Otott also said that wearing masks aren't mandatory, but encouraged students and staff to do so.

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