I've stayed in my fair share of AirBnB rentals over the past few years; My absolute favorite being a beautiful tiny home outside Walt Disney World in Orlando! But as much as I love fairy tales and visiting 'the most magical place on Earth', nothing could prepare me for the stunning AirBnB rental I saw come up over the weekend.

As many of you reading this may understand, my family and I can't wait to get out of the house and back to some form of normalcy. Once you and your family are geared up to, the first place you should check out is this incredible cabin in Wimberley!

It's called the Salvation Cabin and it's smack dab in the middle of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. According to the listing, there's room for watching the wildlife, taking a hike, fishing in the wild river that runs alongside the cabin, or taking a trip out on tubes or in a kayak.

If you're not really into the outdoors like that (but are having to take a trip out there with your family), don't worry, the cabin comes equipped with Wi-Fi. Whew!

As I took a look through the pictures, I could tell that this would be a place I'd LOVE to take my family - but probably wouldn't bring my toddler for a little while. The porches sit WAY high, and that's just a problem waiting to happen. But this place seems pretty cool to take a group of friends for a girl or guy trip, easily.

So how much does it all cost? You're looking at $225 per night with these extras:

  • Cleaning fee: $50
  • Service fee: $102
  • Occupancy taxes and fees: $43

That brings the total for 2 guests and 3 nights to $869. Ouch. But it could all be worth it just to get out of East Texas for a bit, huh?

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