It's hard to resist the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC knows this fact, and even offered a Colonel Sanders' 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog (which you can still get your hands on here), to get your home smelling like our favorite 'finger-lickin' good recipe. Well now the brand is taking it another step forward....KFC for your feet!

KFC has teamed up with Crocs to offer a limited time pair of Crocs modeled to look like the classic bucket of chicken. The tops of the Crocs have charms that look like drumsticks, and even smell like the chicken themselves. Keep in mind, although you may be tempted, the charms aren't for human consumption!

The Crocs don't have an exact release date - just "Spring 2020". If you decide to order a pair, it'll cost you $59.99.

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