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If one thing is true about East Texas, it is that East Texans love to eat and more importantly, love to eat out! East Texas is soon going to have another option when it comes to chicken and satisfying their appetite with a specialized chicken sandwich or some wings with a hot attitude!

Being in the radio business I'm usually up-to-date on new businesses that are coming to town, but I've somehow missed this one completely. While doom scrolling through my social media feed the other night someone made mention of this new chicken place that is opening up on University Blvd. near UT Tyler soon.

Not only did the picture that they shared of the chicken sandwich look amazing and tempting, but the comments left by the new chain coming to town caught my attention too. Whoever is in charge of their social media department is in point. They're replying to every comment with a witty comeback followed by the announcement of the opening. Their replies from this new place caught my attention and now I'm craving a chicken sandwich all of a sudden.

Who's The New Chicken Chain Coming To Tyler?

Hangry Joe's Hot Chicken & Wings is coming to Tyler and according to their website, they're going to be open by Thanksgiving on University Blvd. They'll be serving up Nashville-style chicken that is temptingly hot. You'll be able to customize that chicken sandwich from several spicy levels.

Hangry Joe's Has Many Options

This seems like a haven for chicken lovers. Hangry Joe's serves up wings, chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, chicken waffles along with loaded fries or mac and cheese, a chicken breast salad and other options. Don't forget to to add a spice level to that sandwich or fingers too.

You Have To Sign A Waiver To Eat A Sandwich With This Sauce

Looking at the menu on the website there this a notice under the 'Angry Hot' spice - you need to sign a waiver! That must be damn hot! I'd probably go up to medium, but I doubt I want to blow out my taste buds on a spice that I have to sign a waiver for. Sorry Hangry Joe's, just sayin'!

Hangry Joe's Is Opening In November

There is a countdown clock on the Hangry Joe's Tyler website and it seems as if they are shooting for an opening date of November 17th.

With any new business that opens up in town, they'll be slammed and hard to get in for the first month and a half. Be patient people!

Hangry Joe's via Facebook
Hangry Joe's via Facebook

One side note - this is not a paid endorsement for Hangry Joe's, but I'm very open to one (hint, hint).  This is just a commentary on something I saw on social media.

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