Simple Yet Delicious Chicken Enchiladas – Recipe
This weekend I had the task of cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting ready for family to come and stay over the Christmas weekend. Well, I was cleaning my so-called "junk drawer" in my kitchen and I came across a few recipes that friends have given me. My friends and family are al…
Marinated Greek Chicken Kabobs – Recipe
Grilled chicken is so delicious and it's good for you too! I could eat chicken everyday! But it's always great to try a new recipe. This is sooo simple and tasty! I enjoy kabobs cause you can grill your chicken and veggies at the same time. And because the meat is cut into smaller pieces, the kabobs…
Spice It Up With The King Ranch Chicken Casserole Recipe
King Ranch Chicken is an easy recipe that combines everything you need into one dish. The chilies in it give it the right amount of spice without over doing it. Serve it with some cornbread and it is the perfect treat for you and your family. This recipe came from

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