Despite an uptick in coronavirus cases in Texas, Governor Abbott said the Lone Star State will not shut down.

KWTX reports that this week alone, the portion of COVID-19 tests that come back positive has gone over the Governor's "warning flag" that he developed back in June.

But the governor repeated through numerous radio and TV interviews today that the state will not shut down and will instead go by the same strategy as he used in September.

The strategy included scaling back the reopening of businesses if COVID cases in a particular region exceeded its hospital capacity for 7 days.

Reportedly, this week more than 7,400 Texans tested positive and are hospitalized, with a total of 10,826 cases statewide.

Texas isn't alone with growing COVID cases. Governors in Florida, Illinois, and Ohio also have a decision to make if it gets worse.

I don't have all the statistics or the facts in front of me, but on the surface, something about that doesn't seem right.

But, OK!

The governor also assured residents that a rollout for the COVID-19 vaccination "bamlanivimab" will begin this week in Texas hospitals.

In my opinion, if the numbers continue to spike, he won't have any other choice but to shut things down for a while.

What do you think? Should Texas consider another round of shutdowns to slow the spread of the virus?


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