When was the last time you played kickball? If you’re anything like me it’s been years, and I mean more than 15 years ago. But I always remember kickball being so much fun which is why I was so excited to hear that the Parks and Recreation department in Tyler, Texas is putting together a Halloween Kickball Tournament. That just sounds like so much fun! 

It’s a CO-ED kickball tournament taking place Saturday, October 29th at Fun Forest Park in Tyler. Fun Forest Park is located at 2000 W Forest Avenue in Tyler. They’re calling the event Kick or Treat and as you would expect participants and teams are encouraged to wear costumes throughout the tournament. It’s on the Saturday before Halloween which is a perfect day to host the event and should be a lot of fun for everyone in attendance. 

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How Can Teams Get Registered for the Halloween Kickball Tournament in Tyler? 

Teams will have until Wednesday, October 26th to get signed up to play and there is a $150 entrance fee for each team. The first games will begin at 9:00am, but only the first eight teams to sign up will be playing. If you want to register or need more information you can call 903-595-7271. 

Tyler Parks and Rec.
Tyler Parks and Rec.

Practice and Stretch Before Playing in the Halloween Kickball Tournament 

After not exercising in a while, don’t expect to be in the shape you were in years ago. If you’re planning to play in the tournament, make sure you practice and do some stretching before the tournament. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself while just trying to have some fun.  

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