We as radio folk love to be the entertainers. That doesn't mean we don't find entertainment from our listeners. I can't say that Jade McClain is a listener but she shared a very simple story about her cat that made me laugh and wanted to share with you. I reached out to her to get permission to share the photos of her cat and tell the story she shared on a Hallsville Facebook group.

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I saw this post in the Hallsville, Texas Missing Animals Facebook group and it gave me a good giggle. Jade McClain, the cat's owner, just wanted to make folks in the Noonday Road area aware that WildThing isn't lost, he just likes to roam looking for the ladies.

FYI. This is our WildThing. Apparently people thought he was lost because he was down the road on Noonday rd West. He...

Posted by Jade McClain on Monday, April 18, 2022

Dude is just being a dude.

A former upstairs neighbor of mine had a orange and white cat. She would let him out to roam and he'd be gone for three or four days. When he was done roaming, he'd always camp out on my patio. When he realized I was home, he would start meowing at my patio door. I'd let him in and give him some water. He'd nap for a bit on the couch then want back out and head upstairs. She had some weird name for him but I called him Mr. Kitty. He was a cool cat. I was kinda sad when she moved because I didn't get those visits anymore.

Hallsville folks are very conscience of looking out for other people's pets, probably why they started the Facebook group. You can scroll through the group and see a multitude of pictures of seemingly lost pets on the page.

One area that's always of concern among residents is the area of FM 450. That road leads to Lake of the Pines and is very busy with day to day traffic, including 18 wheelers. Residents are always concerned that someone's pet could hit along that road if they got out.

The Noonday Road area that WildThing likes to roam is a narrow country road. There are lots of trees that, for lack of a better term, make a canopy over the road. That can make it very creepy at night as it can be very dark with very little moonlight coming through.

I don't know, I thought this was a cute story to share and hope you got a laugh out of it like I did.

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