When you run across a mugshot like the one you see above, you’re always going to wonder, what happened to him? Is that really two black eyes or is that makeup? To be honest I am still not sure if the black eyes that Cody Lee Tracy is sporting after being arrested by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is from a real injury or if it’s from something else entirely. 

Here is what we know so far, the mugshot was posted online by a Facebook group called BustedNewspaper Henderson County TX. This page posts all mugshots and also gives details on what caused the person to be arrested. In this case Cody Lee Tracy was arrested and booked into jail on Sunday, June 5th for possession of marijuana having over 2 ounces in his possession. After checking the jail roster online, it looks like Tracy is still in custody and has not been released yet. 

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What’s the Deal with His 2 Black Eyes in the Mugshot? 

The mugshot that was posted online made lots of people comment about what they think happened. Some of them are funny, others are saying that it looks like makeup. There were some comments about people not being happy about making fun of someone going through such a tough time in their life, but most comments were there to laugh. 

This Was Not the First Mugshot for Cody Lee Tracy 

Part of me felt bad about this suspect being arrested but after seeing that this was the third time, he had been arrested for this same thing I stopped feeling bad for him. This is the 11th time he has been arrested, fingers crossed he has learned his lesson and this is the last time he is arrested. 

Here are some of the comments that were made online regarding Cody Lee Tracy’s mugshot. 

Comments After Mugshot With 2 Black Eyes

After Cody Lee Tracy was arrested and his mugshot appeared with 2 black eyes, everyone had a comment online. Here were some of the comments made:

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