Dogs make life better; I know that for a fact because after a long stressful day at work my dogs are always waiting for me to walk through the door to show me unconditional love. But dogs need love in return and while there are still currently thousands of dogs waiting for their forever family in a shelter, there is one special dog that just went home for good. We got the tremendous news from Gail and her team at Pets Fur People in Tyler, TX that Hank a dog that had been waiting for his forever family for 844 days was just adopted.

It's sad to think of a dog waiting in a rescue facility for over 2 years and 3 months, but the team at Pets Fur People were not going to give up on Hank, and while it took longer than anyone wanted, he is now at home with his new owners Matt and Tonya.

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Hank is Going to Live a Great Life

Hank will now call Texarkana home as that is where his new parents live. One of the reasons it took Hank so long to find a home is that he needed to find parents that had time to teach him social skills, but it was only a matter of time before he found the perfect family.

Pets Fur People
Pets Fur People

Pets Fur People Does Amazing Work

The team at Pets Fur People has helped rescue 84,000 pets over 54 years. But there lots of pets to be saved, you can look through the animals waiting to be adopted by scrolling through the photos below. Please know that animals can be adopted quickly, so you might want to call Pets Fur People to make sure the animal you want to see hasn't been adopted already.

Adoptable Dogs at Pets Fur People

Here is a look at the dogs waiting for their forever home:

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