Hater is a dating app that matches people up with those who hate the same things they do, and that becomes the common bond. Weird love story, right? With that in mind, some couples at your backyard barbecue this weekend might be hatin' on your steaks.  

Agree or not, we have to give these people credit for being creative with the foods they hate.  It's not just the usual things like kale or onions, but instead it's things like "the last bite of a hot dog" (Missouri), and "expensive cheese plates" (South Dakota).

According to the map on TheInsider.com, most Texans hate "steak that's cooked well done."  Cooking that piece of meat until it's a shriveled up piece of leather is apparently a huge turnoff and so annoying to some that it ruins their day.  And don't even think about adding a "cookie with raisins" for dessert. That's the food that Louisiana hates the most, according to The Insider.

California doesn't like Chic-fil-A!  That's something that probably wouldn't come out of a Texan's mouth.  Arkansas could do without cilantro, New York dislikes Ranch on pizza, and our neighbors in Oklahoma hate veggie burgers, according to the map.  New York is dead to us.

So, I guess we'll have to keep the steaks a little juicy and pink at the barbecue, and if that doesn't go well we can always eat some hot dogs, except for that last bite.  People are funny!

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