Last week, we showed you our visit to the Mineola Chamber of Commerce with the Wood County Watchers as they investigated if there was paranormal activity in the building.

This time, we tagged along as, ironically, there have been longstanding reports of paranormal activity at the World of Khaos Haunted Theme Park.

This was the second visit for the Wood County Watchers to this property. During their first visit, they meet two demon spirits named Red Face and Black Face (see video below). They also met a little girl named Rosa who tried to untie Dawn's shoelaces.

During that first visit, they found out that Rosa hides from the two demons. Workers and actors have said that when they move items around, they have heard a voice saying 'Where am I gonna hide now?'

When we asked Rosa how old she was, our camera guy heard 'seven'. So we asked Rosa if she was seven and she confirmed it.

The investigators told us that there was an instance with Red Face where he touched one of them on the shoulder and caused a burning sensation, much like a sunburn.

The demons, however, are not there to 'possess' anyone, just to wreak havoc around the theme park. Havoc like moving ladders and brooms around in the buildings and freaking people out!

Below is video of their first investigation at World of Khaos featuring EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) of Red Face and Black Face, Rosa and other spirits at the park.

You can believe this or not. But being a witness to these investigations, I will say that what they do and the tools they use do pick up something. I heard clear vocal answers through their EVP machine several times during our World of Khaos investigation, including one phrase that was repeated at least three times, 'monster of satan' and 'enough is enough'.

We have one more investigation that we will tag along with coming soon in a place that I am very familiar with. Stay tuned.

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