Back in 2017, we got the opportunity to walk through World of Khaos, the newest haunted attraction in East Texas. In 2019, they are still going strong. You can visit them at 816 East Oakwood Street in Tyler.

Their walk through has changed but the scare is still there. What adds to the spookiness of the haunt is that a couple of demons and a spirit supposedly call World of Khaos home.

In 2017, we tagged along with Wood County Watchers Paranormal Investigations and they were able to communicate with the two demons, Red Face and Black Face, and a little girl named Rosa. Check out our video of the investigators communicating below:

Uh yeah, pretty creepy. We did this in the middle of the day, too.

World of Khaos is open and ready to scare you and your friends. Get tickets and all the details on one of East Texas' best haunted houses at

Happy Halloween ghouls and ghosts.

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