I love Jefferson, Texas. It is one of my favorite spots because it is home to the best BBQ in the Ark-La-Tex, however, I will always make sure I cut off my alcohol at Auntie Skinners so I am able to drive home. I refuse to stay anywhere in Jefferson. I have heard all the stories of the haunted town. I will stay in Jefferson up until the sun comes down.

I have a friend who was raised near Jefferson and he has always said that there is no doubt that the Jefferson Hotel we are all cautious of is very much haunted. What kind of Paranormal things are happening at the Jefferson Hotel? Turns out, you can find out for yourself.

According to KLTV part of the crew from the “Tennessee Wraith Chasers” were in East Texas. They visited the Ark-La-Tex to investigate the rumors and legendary stories that have come from the historical Jefferson Hotel. Instead of having to wait to see the special air on T.V. several people joined in person and got in on the hunt. Yikes, no thank you, I will patiently wait outside.

Jefferson Hotel has welcomed many ghost hunters and even more skeptics. I have heard wild stories of people hearing knocks on the door and opening the door to no one in sight. Could it be a case of ding-dong-ditching or perhaps something more paranormal? There is the famous story of the bride overcome with grief who hung herself in her hotel room after her groom didn't show up at their wedding.

You can always book a stay at the Jefferson Hotel or wait until their next event with the same crew from the T.V. show on July 9th and 10th. You can call them at (901)468-3551 and reserve your spot. I spoke to Pam the owner of the hotel and she said it will be a really good time, personally, I will opt out of this get-together.



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