Haunted hotel room videos seem to popping up everywhere, the latest is from an old hotel in Seguin, Texas.

Two weeks ago, while staying in a hotel in Harlingen, TX, a man caught on video something pulling a phone receiver off of it's cradle onto the desktop and later knocking it on the floor along with pulling a hand towel to the floor and shifting some plastic cups around on the counter by the sink. Now comes a new video that shows what some to believe to be ghosts while being shot in the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, TX. The video shows some pretty mysterious things leading many to believe the room and hotel are haunted.

According to the comments posted on the Strange Town YouTube channel, the video was shot in the hotel's Campbell Room during a public investigation with approximately 20 people in attendance on August 5, 2017. The video shows a mysterious black mist coming into view along with wild white vortex's that seem to dance about the room. According to Click 2 Houston, the hotel was originally built as a log cabin back in the 1840's and was converted into a three room hotel with more rooms being added thereafter. With a hotel this old, we're pretty sure someone has had to have passed away in this hotel.

The video was uploaded to the Strange Town YouTube channel on August 5th and has already been viewed over 140,000 times! This hotel has also been the prior subject of conversation on the Travel Channel, PBS, Investigation Discovery and more for the same reason - it's believed to be full of ghosts and is haunted!

Watch the video for yourself and you be the judge. Do you believe there are ghosts and spirits revisiting this room on a routine basis?

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