Awhile back, I posted on social media asking for friends all over East Texas to recommend their favorite Halloween movies and/or episodic series. However, I had a couple of conditions.

I wasn't looking for a movie or series that offered nothing but random gore and gratuitous violence. The Great Pumpkin knows we already have plenty of those on offer. Although I like things that are spooky, I'm not a huge fan of splattering fake blood.

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I was looking for something perfect to watch at night with a fire going whilst eating one too many pieces of early Halloween candy.

Something creepy but wouldn't necessarily traumatize me when I tried to go to sleep later. (DisclaimerIt IS designed to be scary, so know there are a few images that may be freaky enough to stay with you.)

One friend recommended the episodic show, The Haunting of Hill House. I believe it came out last year around this time.

From what he shared it sounded like exactly what I was looking for. A haunted house with secret rooms, a mystery to ponder, ghosts, and just enough thrilling moments to make a few kernels of popcorn to jump out of my bowl.

Oh, and another must? It's gotta have a great, compelling story.

All of the boxes were ticked with this one. I was immediately sucked in and found myself in that classic addictive binge-watching position of pausing only to get another snack and maybe double-check the locks on the doors.

It was made in 2018 with a stellar cast and is a deliciously-designed production and is available right now on Netflix.

I am adamant about not spoiling it in any way. I'll just say, if the above qualifiers sound like something you're into as well, this is not to be missed.

Can the kids watch The Haunting of Hill House?

Hm. I would definitely call this a PG-13. It depends on the kids. Maybe do a little research and decide for yourself. You may wanna wait until the kids go to bed. ;)

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