Sure, the days are shorter now (especially since Sunday's time change), and it's getting colder, but just in case you forgot, Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari in Jacksonville is open for business all year long.

Looking for new and exciting activities for your kids can be a part-time job itself.

We laughed so hard, probably had two of our biggest full-family-laughs ever. It turned into such a great afternoon for us, so many fun memories, and the pictures and videos we got that day will be cherished  forever.

I've had so many conversations with friends, co-workers, listeners, all looking for fun activities to do with their kids. Well, have you taken yours on Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari? I haven't done any double blind research on this one, but those who I've spoken to have all loved it.

They've got alligators, bison, zebras, emus, llamas, the cutest miniature goats, kangaroos, watusi, and a couple of show-stealing camels that will poke their heads into your truck and snatch a bag of food right out of your seat -- and your kids will laugh hysterically, 'till their stomachs hurt.

If you haven't experienced a drive-thru safari, you may be surprised to learn just how much fun they can be. My wife and I took our kids back in June, just on a whim, and they loved every minute. We all loved it.

You buy these giant pellets to feed the animals, roll the windows down, and start driving. As you rubberneck through the park, you and your kids throwing pellets, the animals come running right up to your vehicle. Like inside your vehicle at times.

We laughed so hard, I'd put money on us having two of our biggest full-family-laughs ever. It turned into such a great afternoon, so many fun memories, and the pictures and videos we got that day will be cherished forever.

Toward the end of September, the park sent out a reminder to their followers that "The animals are missing everyone. Don't forget Cherokee Trace is open all year round." You should go visit the animals, like as soon as possible.

I'm heading back, and my family's going with me.

We've got family coming this Thanksgiving and Christmas and we're already making plans to go. The park, just outside of Jacksonville, is not too far from anywhere in KNUE's listening area.

Hours do change depending on the day of the week you go so be sure to click here to see their fall and winter schedule. And, hey, maybe my family will see your family at Cherokee Trace over the holidays.

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