If I were to set up an online poll asking which business East Texans would love to have in the area, I think it would be safe to say that 97 percent would list H-E-B as their first choice. Brookshire's is a great East Texas born and bred business but having some competition is never a bad thing, as little of a chance H-E-B does have building any more than the Lufkin and Carthage locations. Having said that, East Texan's jealousy of those who do have an H-E-B is just growing with the latest announcement from the grocery chain, their own branded cash back debit card.

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Looks Like H-E-B is Getting Into the Banking Business

That's probably a little overdramatic but in a nutshell, yes, H-E-B is essentially getting into the banking business. They will have their own branded debit card with cash back rewards, H-E-B branded ATMs and more perks with having the debit card.

Let's Look at Some Other Highlights of the H-E-B Debit Card

It'll work just like any other debit card you get from a bank or credit union so, no, you don't have to use it just at H-E-B. The cash back will only be counted when purchasing H-E-B brand products, though, which includes:

  • H-E-B brand
  • Hill Country Fare
  • Meal Simple
  • Field & Future by H-E-B
  • Home by H-E-B
  • Kodi
  • Cocinaware
  • H-E-B Kitchen & Table
  • GTC

The Jealousy That Some East Texans will Have

There isn't a modern H-E-B experience in East Texas. Sure, Carthage and Lufkin have one but the reviews have been mixed on those locations. East Texans want the modern experience that's in Central Texas and that's popping up all over the Dallas - Fort Worth area. East Texans are just going to be jealous that so many who have an H-E-B can now take advantage of having this new H-E-B product.

At H-E-B, we're always looking to provide Texans more ways to save. With the H-E-B debit card, customers can have a more rewarding shopping experience that allows them to keep more money in their pockets while enjoying valuable benefits and perks. - Ashwin Nathan, H-E-B group vice president of marketing

I guess, if anything, East Texas H-E-B fans can sign up for the debit card just to show their fandom of the grocery chain at hebdebit.com. Maybe it will give H-E-B a notice that they are wanted in East Texas.

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