Over the past few years, it seems like social media is showing us how often grown adults are acting immature. We have all seen so many videos of people acting up on airplanes and eventually there are consequences to their actions. Recently, there was one Texas woman who was doing her grocery shopping at an H-E-B location near Houston, Texas and decided to get violent with an employee working at the store. 

According to My SA, the incident started because the customer was in a self-checkout lane that was for people with 10 items or less. The employee approached the customer and let her know that she couldn’t pay at the self-checkout lane because she had too many items that she was attempting to purchase. The woman who was identified as Lynda Ukeh, reportedly pulled the employee’s hair and slapped her in the face before leaving the store.  

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Police Took Action After the Assault at H-E-B 

As you would expect the store called law enforcement in Harris County. The officers were able to identify the suspect and eventually caught up with the suspect at her home where she was arrested for misdemeanor assault. She has since been released on a $100 bond. 

Violence Leads to Jail Time 

One of my mentors told me 15 years ago, be careful how you react in unexpected situations. Those words have stuck with me all these years because I have seen people throw away their careers or in this case their freedom over what seems to be an overreaction.  

We hope that you can learn from this woman’s mistake and wish her the best as she puts this mistake behind her. 

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