East Texas Native and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes loves ketchup more than the average person and Heinz is making him an offer he can’t refuse.

According to our media partner KLTV, they offered him ketchup for life, but on the condition that he throws 57 touchdowns this season.

The ketchup company uses the number “57 Varieties” in their advertising and reached out to him on twitter to reiterate their promise.

This has all come about after Patrick told ESPN’s Seth Wickersham about his love for ketchup and he puts it on everything including steak to even mac ‘n cheese (insert side eye).

I don't think it's that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese. People seem to think that's a weird thing. Some people think that's disgusting, but it's good to me.

The quarterback isn’t opposed to the offer and should he complete the season with 57 touchdowns he would share the ketchup with his offensive linemen.

Mahomes currently has 31 touchdowns on the season, and already making history in the record books through the first 10 games.

Shawn Knight | TSM
Shawn Knight | TSM

Even though he doesn’t discriminate against various ketchup brands he did mention his favorite ketchup would be Whataburger and I’m with him on that!  Have you tried their spicy ketchup?

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