If you've got a new puppy and are looking for some inspiration, you can find a gallery below with the top 50 most popular dog names in Texas for 2023. Wag! came up with the list based on dog names from their Texas users' data. You might want to avoid these names if you want your pup to have an extra unique name, OR, you just might find the best name for your doggo!

Check it out:

Top 50 Most Popular Dog Names In 2023 In Texas

Do you see your pup's name on there?

Did you find your dog on the list? I've actually had several dogs with names from this list. I guess I'm a pretty average Texan when it comes to naming my dogs. I was kind of surprised to see "Bella" take the first place. I don't know anyone with a dog named Bella, I don't think. Luna, however, the number two spot, is really popular among my friends.

Now that we've covered the most popular dog names, you might be interested to know the most popular baby names in Texas this year! You can find a list of the most popular boy and girl names below if you keep on scrolling! Happy naming!

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The 10 Most Popular Baby Boy Names In Texas For 2023

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