One thing is for sure, there is a lot of people in the great state of Texas that love their dogs. I’m one of those people, let’s be honest we are just lucky to have dogs. These wonderful creatures just want to show us unconditional love. Yes, occasionally they can bring an energy level that can get annoying at times but it’s just because they missed you all day and want to show you how much they care. But when we’re talking about our four-legged family members, what is the most common dog name in Texas? 

Everyone goes about picking out their dog's name a little different. Both of my dogs right now Cooper and Gypsy both had their names prior to joining our family as they were both rescues. To me, I didn’t want to change their name, they had gone through so much already I didn’t want them to have to learn a new name.  

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Often Times Dog Names Have a Theme 

I’ve heard of many families naming their dogs after Disney characters or favorite celebrities. When it comes to Texas and the most common dog name, we actually share the most common dog name with South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. According to Best Life Online, the most common dog name in Texas is, Bella. 

Did You Know There is an Official Dog Breed of Texas 

A short while ago I found out that Texas has an official dog breed. In Texas, many of us treat our dogs like family, but remember when you’re looking to add a dog to your family there are tons of dogs waiting in a shelter for their forever home.   

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