As it turns out there are more and more people in Dallas, TX and across the Lone Star State who are bucking traditional name names and opting for something more delicious for their pets.

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My family has two animals in it, but I didn't get to name either one of them. My wife named our dog Wesley about seven years before she and I even met.

We've also now got a cat. My daughter named him Rainbow when she was 4-years-old, and we call him "Bo" for short. If you assumed he's not the colors of a rainbow, you'd be correct. He is however a very handsome and quite massive gray and white tuxedo cat.

And while traditional names are still very common, more dogs and cats are being named after food, which is a trend I could get on board with -- if I actually got to name my pets. But before we dive into those yummy trendy names, here are two lists comprising the top dog names in Dallas.

Top Male dog names:

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Oliver
  4. Bentley
  5. Bear

Top Female dog names:

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Daisy
  4. Lucy
  5. Zoe

All great names, but you'll notice that none of them edible-based. If you have opted to name your dog something like Nacho in the past year, you are not alone. According to, a lot of people in Dallas and across Texas are giving their pets food-inspired names.

Here are the Top Dallas Pet Name Trends for 2022. And the tip-top-trendiest are food-inspired names: Coconut ( up 484%), Queso (up 484%), and Brisket (up 384%).

For cats food names are on the rise as well. The names Sugar (471%), Tofu (371%), and Pumpkin (271%) are all trending up.

Brisket for a dog's name? I love it.

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