If you grew up in Texas, or you have at least lived here for a little while, then you know how Texans feel about California. To put it simply, they want nothing to do with the state, the people, or their way of life.

You will always hear the joke about Austin belonging in California rather than Texas, and that is exactly why most of the Californians that move to Texas pick Austin over any other part of the Lone Star State. Seeing a California plate in any other part of the state will be met with eye rolls and big ol’ trucks purposefully rolling coal in front of them to try and establish dominance.

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While I’m sure some Texans have a true hatred for Californians, most of the time the “snowflake” and other comments are all just jokes. Texans recognize that there is a major cultural difference between the two states that they won’t hesitate to mock, but it is all for fun.

While Texans make jokes that aren’t intended to be harmful, many Californians take it personally and will try and fight back by being genuinely rude about Texas. I recently came across a TikTok that perfectly shows the relationship between Texas and California, using an audio clip for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Even just the comments on this video show the difference between the way Texans and Californian joke about the other state. Many of the comments from those living in Texas joke about it being a closed state, and that places like Colorado or Oregon would be a better fit for Californians looking for a new state to live in. However, some Californians in the comments seem to be a bit salty about all of it.

As someone that was actually born in California, grew up in-between the two feuding states in Arizona, and now lives in Texas, I find it all very entertaining. I spent a lot of time in California growing up because it was right next to Arizona, but now that I have lived in Texas for a few years, I would much rather stay here than move to California. I still love to visit California every now and then, but I don’t know that I would ever want to live there.

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