It's difficult for me not to get furious when I hear about cases like this. How on earth could anyone abuse animals, especially people that are supposed to be horse caretakers. It doesn't make sense, but I'm glad that there will be repercussion for their actions. According to KETK, Auben Stenovich and Cody Phelps are both now facing 34 cases of animal cruelty.

Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said their department was made aware of the horrible situation taking place on County Road 3800 in Henderson County on Friday, March 4th. The details described that horses were possibly being starved, with at least one being on the verge of death.

The Condition of the Horses in Henderson Country Were Much Worse Than Reported

As if having a horse close to death wasn't bad enough, when animal control showed up to see the conditions for themselves they found things were far worse than even they expected. There were three horses that already died and several other horses were in serious condition. As expected the remaining 31 horses have been removed from the property.

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More Details on the Criminal Charges for Animal Abuse in Henderson County

While both suspects have been charged with animal cruelty, the details go deeper than that. Auben Stenovich was charged with physical abuse and Cody Phelps was charged with torture of animals.

Let's just hope the horses get healthy and have a better quality of life moving forward. And please, if you ever suspect an animal is being abused please reach out to law enforcement immediately.

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