Houston lawyer, Tony Buzbee, wanted a piece of American history. That piece of history just happens to be a fully functioning WWII tank.

The tank, as Buzbee told KHOU in Houston, landed in Normandy, helped liberate Paris and made it's way to Berlin.

It took $600,000 and about a year to get the tank back to American soil. However, his homeowners association is not happy that it's parked outside his home.

Buzbee received a letter from them that said it "impedes traffic", is a "safety issue" and is causing "serious concerns for neighbors".

What is it with homeowners associations and their lack of imagination? Or just their simple lack of fun?

According to the KHOU report, though, the reporter couldn't find many who were concerned about the tank.

Buzbee is not concerned about the homeowners association note and plans on moving the tank in a couple of weeks to his East Texas ranch.

Buzbee is a native of Atlanta, in Cass County. Not sure if his ranch is in that area. If you are in that area, keep a look out in the next couple of weeks to see if a tank rolls through.

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