The thing right now is to get a Popeye's chicken sandwich. It's been on the menu for a while now, but thanks to our friend social media, the popularity has reached epic proportions.

It's become such a thing that stores are sold out daily.

Well, one guy was not too happy about not being able to try the sandwich. He was so unhappy, that he pulled a gun out and threatened the workers according to

It happened in Houston over the holiday weekend. Three men and two women were just told in the drive-thru that the chicken sandwiches were sold out at this particular Popeye's. The group went around front and tried to enter the store. Employees had the forethought that these people would be a problem and locked the door.

A male member of the group allegedly pulled a gun. This group even had a baby with them that they left in the car to show their unhappiness.

Now look, the sandwich is pretty good and is hard to come by. Myself and Shawn Knight had a hard time getting one a couple of weeks ago:

But the following week, we got our hands on it:

Point being, calm down and stop freaking out over this sandwich.

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