I love making fun of dumb criminals. They lose the respect to leave other people's stuff alone or mind their own business then are paid a visit by karma. It makes for a great story and just makes you wonder "what's wrong with people?"

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Let's go to Sacramento, California. According to police there, a woman decided to steal a U-Haul truck. Why a U-Haul? We may never know. I can certainly think of a thousand vehicles better to steal (old school Volkswagon, Pinto, broke down Ford truck) than a big ole moving truck that can barely hit 50 miles per hour.

But I digress.

Said woman decided that her stolen item needed a bath. I mean, you might as well clean the property that isn't yours, that you just took, so you can feel better about your crime. The thief, 47 year old Melinda Gonzales, took her stolen treasure to a nearby car wash to get nice and clean.

Well, Mrs. (or Ms., not really sure) Gonzales whipped her stolen moving truck straight into the car wash, crashing through the seven foot clearance warning. Meaning, her stolen vehicle was too tall for the car wash. Thus, Gonzales got stuck.

As Gonzalez realized this, she tried her best to get unstuck. However, it appears that soap from the vehicle wash wouldn't allow for any traction. She went forward and backwards trying to get out but couldn't. Power was cut to the wash and Gonzales could get out of the truck and into a squad car.

No surprise, Gonzales was charged with DUI and possession of stolen property. Not exactly the way she imagined coming clean.

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