In other news, we are moving to Houston.

In a competitive housing market finding the right edge can be the difference between closing a sale and going hungry. Houston-based realtor Nicole Lopez may have found the best, and tastiest edge yet.

"I’m the taco lady," joked Lopez as she stood next to her real estate sign planted in the front lawn of an Humble home.  Below Lopez's contact information hangs a white sign with black lettering that reads, '$250 in free tacos with the purchase of this home'.

"Let’s be honest, everyone in Texas loves tacos. And so, it’s really been the 'taco the town'," said Lopez as she laughed at her own joke.  A real estate agent in Houston for the last eight years, Lopez said she's willing to try anything if it sparks a sale.

The reaction on social media has been great. In the four months since Lopez started advertising tacos, photos, pics and posts featuring her Taco Party have garnered thousands of likes and shares. She's been contacted as far away as a Toronto, Canada radio station for an interview.

But is it helping to close houses?

According to, the home featured in the social media posts, a 1,700 square foot home in Cypress which is listed at $170,000, is "under contract and they are super excited for their taco party at the end of this month," said Lopez.

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