I found out something surprising, bizarre, and really really cool recently. Buddy Holly is my cousin. Life can be so strange, but in fun ways, too.

Over the past year or so, I have been connecting with some family members via some online groups. Thanks to these connections, I met family members right here in East Texas who I didn't know I had. I've also been able to see photographs from many years ago of family members that I would've never otherwise seen.

On top of that, some of these new found family members have done much delving into genealogy. And via this search, they've discovered a direct connection to Buddy Holly. Thus, I now know that he is a distant cousin of mine. What a neat surprise!

I was skeptical at first. But then, the more I looked the more evidence I received. And even the fact that Buddy Holly is from Lubbock. I have many relatives in West Texas so that made sense.

Portrait Of Buddy Holly
A quite young Buddy Holly, Getty Images

Buddy Holly was born 'Charles Hardin Holley' on September 7, 1936 in Lubbock, Texas. His name was changed later--some say it was by accident and others that it was with intent. Either way, the original spelling is small detail but further confirms it. The link in the genealogy itself was what convinced me.

Holly's Buddies
Hmm, I guess I can see a slight familial resemblance. Getty Images

I have always appreciated Buddy Holly's music. However, upon learning this bit of family history I've gone back and listened to his music again and yeah, it feels a little different.

TX: Lubbock: Buddy Holly
Getty Images

It's so tragic that he died so young. The story of that fateful plane crash has always been chilling. And now, even more so. I'm thankful for his legacy of music he left with us all. It's pretty incredible the effect he had on the music world in the short life he lived. But his music is with us always.

Hey Cuz--thanks for the music. Wish I could've met you before you left.

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