The Urban Dictionary came along in 1999 as a way to pass on slang words or phrases. But, it also contains some rather salty opinions on various subjects.

Some of our East Texas cities have been included in that.

For example, user PrizzinShank wrote in 2011, before Tyler's wet/dry vote by the way, calling Tyler "The dirty a**hole of Texas. "A place crawling with soccer moms that look like, and worship, Sarah Palin. Tyler is a dry county, so the Baptists drive 20 minutes to the county line to get their booze, so as to avoid tainting their reputation around town. Despite being located in the Bible Belt and serving as a hub for retirees, Tyler is a great place to find drugz. Typical hangouts include: the mall, the Hollytree parking lot, and your rich friend's house in Hollytree."


Holy crap, dude. Did someone run over your dog? Also, nothing plural ends with a "z".


Longview got a somewhat better "review" at the site.

User bitchesandhoesbitches commented, "a small town in east texas - thumbs up if you go to Pine Tree High School, Longview High School, or any other school in the 9OH!3 there's really nothing to do here"


Pine Tree and Longview High School are pretty good, but, nothing to do? Longview is about to open a Red Robin. There's a thousand ways to make a burger there. That should keep you busy.


Jacksonville received the harshest "critique".

User Amsterdam 138 said "City for retirement, meth, Crack cocaïne and methadone. Home of inbreds and thieves. If you end up here you hAve really hit rock bottom. Or your a drug addict. Also a large export ofcooking drugs for the less fortunate city's."


First, a user with the name of "Amsterdam" is bit hypocritical, don't you think? Second, it's "you're" a drug addict... not "your".

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