So last night (January 17) as I was enjoying the Buccaneers and Saints game, I got my once a year craving for Long John Silver's. So I walked to the Taco Bell / Long John Silver's combo close to me and picked up a two fish, 6 shrimp meal. It was good but I should have gotten a smaller meal. A couple of hours later, it was bedtime, and that's where the "fun" began.

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It has been said that what you eat before going to sleep can affect your dreams. That was proven last night. I had one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had involving Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dierks Bentley, rock artist Iggy Pop and actress Niecy Nash.

It starts with Arnold going all terminator on Dierks Bentley. Why? I have no idea. Arnold lured Dierks into a room and commenced to beating him to a pulp. From there, I saw a first person view of Arnold covered in blood sitting behind a desk. As punishment for his dastardly deed, I guess, Arnold suddenly arrived at a hallway with spikes on each side of the wall moving in and out. He tried to walk down it but was subdued by the spikes and then sucked into the head of one of the spikes.

From there, I was viewing everything first person in Dierks' body. I was rescued from a room by rock artist Iggy Pop. I knew something was wrong from the start. I, as Dierks, got into a fight with Iggy Pop and escaped from the building I was in. As I was running from the building, a knife was thrown into my back from actress Niecy Nash, who was dressed as a security guard.

I was able to get the knife out of my back while being confronted by Niecy Nash. She called for backup which turned out to be some kind of glowing dog creature. The dog was circling me while Nash told me to stay put or she would unleash the dog on me.

That's when my alarm went off and I woke from this craziness. I have not had a dream that vivid in a long while. So vivid that I am still able to remember that many details a few hours after I awoke. Dreams have always fascinated me and I wonder why my dream contained this oddball collection of people. So weird.

Moral of this story, next time I get Long John Silver's, I'm getting it for lunch.

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