If you're from Longview, Texas--or frankly anywhere in East Texas--there's a good chance you're at least somewhat familiar with Pop Watch.

If not, we highly recommend you check out this page which has almost 3.5 MILLION followers on Facebook. Yes, "Pop" may be our local celebrity out of Longview, Texas, but people all over the world love keeping up with Pop, his wife "Nan," and the whole family. His grandson, Jason, is the admin of the page and we very much appreciate the work he does to bring Pop and Nan and all of their adventures to us all.

Recently, Pop engaged in a bit of community engagement that is making those of us who love Long John Silver's pretty dern happy this morning.

Have you heard that the Long John Silvers location in Longview, Texas has struggled a bit over the last couple of years?

It's true. The Longview LJS has been a staple for many years. However, like with many of our East Texas businesses, LJS has struggled a bit, due to Covid. During that time, and even after, business was fairly slow which created a sincere challenge for the business and the employees there.

Photo courtesy of Pop Watch's FB page
Photo courtesy of Pop Watch's FB page

Well, when Pop Watch found out about this, Pop decided to do what he could to bring awareness to the situation. The folks at Pop Watch saw this issue was posted on a Longview Facebook page and decided to join the community efforts to help out this location in an effort to stimulate sales and show their support. And you know when Pop of Pop Watch stops in, that's going to be a huge help.

Last week, Pop joined in to help the "Save LJS" campaign in Longview, Texas.

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Photo courtesy of Pop Watch's FB page
Photo courtesy of Pop Watch's FB page

Believe it or not, this was Pop's first time EVER eating there. After his experience, Pop said he was happy to "be a part of a local movement that not only was supporting a business but also shined the light on its hardworking employees as well that may get overlooked during the mad rushes throughout the day" at the Long John Silver's in Longview.

Well done Pop and all of our friends at Pop Watch! We've got one more reason to love you all. And honestly, now I'm craving Long John Silvers...

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