With the fourth of July coming at us in a couple of days, a lot of big movies will be hitting the big screen as well. If you are playing on spending some of your holiday in the theater watching one of this summer hits, you may want to see a bit of how this movie magic was made. For instance, have you ever thought about how they capture all of the sounds for the flick?

We all like going to the movies. Sitting in the cool theater with a cold and refreshing Coke is a great way to avoid some of the summer heat. Plus, the time around July 4th lends the release of the summer's big movies. But, what happens before that movie gets to us? How is it made?

This video is a great way to see the behind the scenes most don't think about. There are no big movie stars involved in this very important part of the movie magic. But, this is one of the most interesting videos you might see.