We have all seen the commercials on T.V. of families not having enough food. Parents doing without so their children can have a meal. Hunger is a universal problem. Hunger does not just exist "over there" -- every day in every community our neighbors are experiencing this devastating issue.  This month in East Texas we are supporting East Texas Food Bank Hunger Action Month. In just thirty days we could stomp out hunger by implementing the three action items below.

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    Donate Goods and/or Money

    The next time you are in the grocery store and you see a great deal on cans of corn or any other bargain, buy one or two extra cans. People Attempting To Help (P.A.T.H) is a great organization that gladly accepts food donations to help feed those in need. You can also donate for Hunger Action Month at your local Brookshires and Super 1 Foods. It doesn't even have to be food. There are also ways to make cash donations. Take an extra dollar or two out of every paycheck and donate it. Someone will always be there to thank you, and it is for a good cause.

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    Everyone has a little extra time on their hands. Maybe one weekend, instead of going to the golf course or the gym, use that time to help. You can volunteer at your local food bank, meals on wheels, or any of the other numerous places that will be happy to have your help. You can make it fun! Get your family together or a group of friends and go help out your neighbors in need! Your time is much more appreciated than you may think.

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    terren in Virginia, flickr


    Don't let the ball stop rolling with your donation of your time, goods and or money educate your "circle" of friends and neighbors about the needs of the community. With social media sites it is a lot easier to spread the word. You can post the every day for the "30 Ways In 30 Days" Campaign; or retweet/re-post the updates from the East Texas Food Bank pages! Education is a chain reaction that prospers when shared -- your enthusiasm will foster growth and continue giving by planting the seed of education. The more you are educated, the more you can educate others, and the sooner we can knock out hunger not only in East Texas but hunger all together!

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