A black bear near Baton Rouge had to be euthanized this week after it got a taste and fell in love with human food.

It's certainly sad news any time one of these beautiful beasts has to be euthanized, but I can see why it had to happen. In this case, a black bear was discovered in a suburban area in Port Allen, and during its stay near humans, it got hooked on the food that humans eat. The stuff it can't obviously find in our Louisiana woods.

The Louisiana Department of Louisiana and Fisheries stepped in over the weekend and helped relocate the black bear deep in the woods. Everything seems fine and normal for a few days, until the bear ultimately returned this week. According to the LDWF, the bear displayed aggressive and potentially dangerous behavior in his return to town, while on his hunt for more human food. The bear even made his way onto a resident's home.

Sadly, when things like this happen, the LDWF has no choice but to euthanize the animal.  LDWF Biologist Supervisor Scott Durham says, "When they’re in the middle of a town potential for conflict or problems gets higher occasionally we have to make this decision. When it comes to human health and safety we have to put that first."

Simply put, there's no convincing a huge black bear to go back to his life deep in the woods when he knows where to find tasty food. He would keep coming back, over and over again, and ultimately, that was a risk the LDWF was not willing to take.



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