The things kids do these days.

Remember the good ol' days when kids got in trouble for the seemingly simpler things, like chewing gum in class, forgetting to bring a pencil to class, skipping school, forging your parents signature on a progress report? You know, silly stuff. When life was much simpler.

Boy, how times have changed.

WAFB in Baton Rouge reports an 11 year old boy there was arrested after stealing a school bus and taking it for a joyride. From the looks of the pictures I saw, about 10 police cars gave chase before the kid crashed the bus into a tree in someone's front yard.

Those who saw the chase were surprised to see a kid driving the bus. Joy Gradney filmed the chase on her cell phone, and said she was shocked to see such a young kid behind the wheel.

“As he got closer and closer and closer, I saw it’s a little boy in there and he was laughing. He was like giggling on the way across Florida as he goes right past me. I’m like I can’t believe it’s a little boy.”

According to the Baton Rouge Police department, the young boy stole the bus outside the Progress Head Start school. Authorities handcuffed the kid and took him into custody after the school bus crashed into a tree . He's being charged with theft of a motor vehicle, aggravated flight, three counts of aggravated damage to property, and aggravated assault.

UPDATE: Authorities now believe the child did not steal the bus from Progress Head Start , but from private property a few miles away. - Via The Advocate


Perhaps he took the wrong lesson from 'The Wheels of the Bus' song when he was a kid.

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