On September 14, I will celebrate 40 years on this Earth. In no way do I feel like I'm about to turn 40. Ask my sister, or my friends, and 12 seems a more proper age. But it got me to thinking (pardon the smoke)...What is something I should do to send off my 30's?

I've gotten to do a lot in my life. Ride along at Texas Motor Speedway, flown in a hot air balloon, met celebrities, travel. So I opened the question up to my friends on Facebook and I got some good responses.

  • Skydiving
  • Get a tattoo
  • Scuba dive
  • Alligator wrestling
  • Sing karaoke to Joan Jett's "Hit With Your Best Shot" dressed as Batman

I love my friends. I've gone snorkeling in Jamaica but have never scuba dived. Skydiving? I don't know. Alligator wrestling? Ha! Sing karaoke as Batman? As much as I love Batman, I loathe karaoke.

Getting a tattoo really sounds appealing, though, as I have none.

But I would like you, our creative and awesome listeners, to offer me up some suggestions. Any and all suggestions are welcome. It can be crazy, weird, embarrassing, serious, fun. Whatever. 3...2...1...Go!