I would be bragging too if I had the skills and talent to create a magnificent mural on the side of a building, let alone a mural of one of Texas' hometown heroes, the young football legend from Whitehouse, Patrick Mahomes. (By the way, Sep. 17 is Patrick's birthday, so happy birthday, mayne!)

An article written by Amber Stegall over at KCBD NewsChannel 11, first alerted me with the revelation that Albert Guiterrez, the owner of the Mexican/Latin American eatery Now We Taco'N (1021 University Ave), had skilled graffiti artist Joey Martinez create this piece on the side of the taco shop in Lubbock.

It is always amazing to see graffiti art come to life and Martinez does it oh, so well. He has painted works that inspire and awe you, including a piece he did that raised $13,000 for a charity benefit (as seen on his Instagram page).

When describing his latest mural of "my homie", Martinez gives credit to Guiterrez and Outserved App for the chance to bring his art to life.

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The next time you venture out to Lubbock, make sure to stop by the mural at Now We Taco'N and tell Albert that Reesha on the Radio sent ya! I am sure he would welcome you to take a photo next to the mural just like he did on Instagram.

This is not the only mural of Mahomes that Martinez has created in Lubbock, or Lubb❤️ck, as he affectionately calls it. There is another one located on the side of PreGame LBK (2668 34th St, Lubbock), which is open for drive-thru only at this time.

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