I am not bashful about it at all, I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I hate the cold. I would much rather have it above 90 degrees every day. (I can hear the collective gasp of everyone reading this.) I'm a summer and sunshine dude.

Granted, it is kinda magical when we get snow in East Texas just because we don't see it very often. That's the only part of winter that enjoy. We could do without the wind, too. That, to me, is the most brutal part of winter, the wind chill.

I have a lot of friends who would prefer this kind of weather. Good for them. Winter is so bleak and depressing and cold and stupid. Yes, I'm whining about something that no one has control over. I just need to move to Hawaii.

Hey! Townsquare Media! Buy some radio stations in Hawaii and I will happily take over a station there.

Now back to my corner to sulk some more...with my blanket...and some hot chocolate...and a fire. Brrrr!!

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