I love a good rodeo. From team roping to barrel racing to bull riding, rodeos are always a blast. In between the various rodeo events can be entertaining as well. I propose that every East Texas rodeo add this event to entertain between all the action.

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I found this from TikTok user dbisimas. It's called Bubble Bull Fighting.

@dbisimasFull Bubble Bull Fight video - Rodeo Professionals always on hand! ##101wildwestrodeo ##PerfectAsWeAre ##28XTREMES ##BestSeatInTheHouse ##rodeo♬ original sound - dbisimas

At least that I can recall, I have not seen this at any East Texas rodeo. This involves some very brave individuals to get inside an inflated bubble and take on a bull. That bull would be able to knock you around as he sees fit. That could be as easy as knocked down and rolled around on the dirt to lifted high in the air. Now, I don't think these are random people from the crowd, I believe these are trained professionals just like a rodeo clown.

No matter, I would love to see this in between the team roping and barrel racing. This could even be the lead up to the bull riding, my favorite part of any rodeo. I have mad respect for anyone who will get on the back of a super angry, thousand pound animal that is trying to throw you off his back. All the while you're hanging on for dear life for just a short eight seconds.

I have a hard enough time staying on a mechanical bull at medium.

To the folks running our many great rodeos in East Texas, look into adding Bubble Bull Fighting to your event. I will be front and center cheering these stunt men and women on as they get bounced around.

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